Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kenneth Anger

I was looking for movies that where like the work of Jodorowsky and I found this guy called Kenneth Anger. I have only seen his short film Scorpio Rising and it's really interesting how he exposed some of the hypocrisy of american 60's culture in his film and will definitely have an influence on the short film I'm working on (this thing is taking longer than Axl Rose's Chinese Democracy).

I would post a review on the film but this guy did a really amazing one already so I'll just link to his blog:
Only The Cinema: 10/15: Kenneth Anger shorts; September

I can't belive I had never heard from this guy before, he seems to be one of the main influences of one of my top 10 directors of all times, David Lynch. Next I'll try to find Anger's movie Lucifer Rising, and hopefully the very hard to find Jimmy Page soundtrack for this movie that was replaced at the last moment.