Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lost Season 4 review

Lost is not a series for people who like conformity. If you are into TV that doesn't make you think and won't cause you mind conflicts its eminent that this show has never been for you. But for people who actually like good stories it has paid off to be loyal and suffer every week when they add new unsolved mysteries to this amazing show.

I'm not exaggerating when I say season 4 is by far the best one yet, even surpassing the first one that originally caused the show to be such a hit. It's kind of sad the amount of fans that left after season 3 when the rumor that the story writers had lost their way erupted and too many "bad" things where happening to the losties. I guess all those ex-fans will be happy with that other show (coff,. coff,. heroes,. coff,. coff) that rips off the x-men story completely and already had an incredible bad second season according to the reviews.

So here are the reasons why Lost season 4 has made me have faith in TV again:
  • They solved like 60% of the mysteries. There's a catch,. they introduced cooler new mysteries! who or what is Jacob? how did Locke got killed and why is he outside the island? what did Sawyer asked Kate to do before she got rescued? who created the technology that teleported the whole island?
  • No more boring filler episodes and the flash forwards rock. They totally focused on the cool characters and left completely out lame stories like Bernard and his wife. The flash forwards of their life's after they got rescued from the island where managed brilliantly!
  • Now there is time travel and teletransportation going on! I know what ex-lost fans think "they are trying to copy heroes", but if you watch it you'll understand why that's not quite right. Besides, heroes ripped off everything from x-men, so thief who steals from thief has a 100 years of pardon as the saying goes,. hehehe.
  • Ben is the best lost character ever. He really steals the show, he has the most complex personality and its great to see him more in action than ever before. It was awesome how he teleported to Tunesia and used his manipulative skills to trick the Arabs who threatened his life and then kill them mercilessly when they lowered their guard.
  • The new characters are amazing. Specially Keamy, the mercenary militar guy who was able to do in like 10 minutes what the losties couldn't do during 3 seasons, finally hit Ben where it hurts! by killing in front of him his daughter.
  • There has never been so much action before! Seriously, they had so many cool things like the out of this world combat fight between Keamy and Sayid, the mercenaries attacked by the black smoke, the blowing up of the rescue freighter, etc...
I have lots of theories of what will happen next. I think that somehow after they teleported the island people got sick (radiation maybe?) and since the Doc left the island they will start dying. Locke will have to teleport himself to ask Jack to go back, correct the time flow he messed up by leaving the island when he was not supposed to, and save everyone. Since Jack won't belive him at the first, Locke will have to wait and die from that sickness that killed the other ones to convince him. On the other hand Whitmore will be able to send again more mercenaries to try to take over the island again and create a new Dharma iniciative since Jin betrayed the losties and the others by offering him all the truth about what happened there and probably give him the new coordinates of the island once she gets back. I suspect that Penny's and Desmond happieness will be short, since Ben always get's what he wants and he swore to kill Penny to get revenge from Whitmore. I also still think that the island is somehow related to aliens and is atlantis, since the teleport and time travel technology everybody wants to get hold of seems to have been build by those four toes beings whoever they are.

Only time will tell if I'm right or completely wrong,. although I praise myself in predicting a couple of the things that happened in season 4.

finally here are the 3 episodes from lost season 4 that should be a crime if you miss:
  • Episode 5, The Constant. The way Desmond was lost in time was superb.
  • Episode 9, The Shape of Things to Come. I trully never thought somebody would be able to affect Ben at all.
  • Episode 13, There's No Place Like Home, Part 2 & 3. After watching "The Constant" and "The Shape of Things to Come" I really felt they could never raise the bar higher than that,... obviously I was mistaken. I have never bought lost DVDs before, but after this episode season 4 has to be in my collection cause I just want to watch over and over again this episode.