Monday, February 25, 2008

Dead Souls

Suicide Monkeys is not only the name of my band but also the way I refer to the 'human beings', so what better way to call this blog. And Since I just saw yesterday the movie Control about the brief and tormented life of music genius Ian Curtis vocal of Joy Division, this first blog entry is about dead rockstars.

How many times have you wondered how the world would be today if Kurt Cobain was still around? The music scene has never been more sold out, superficial and full of clones ever before, but although I would like to think that his influence would have prevented it in a way, it's more likely that Courtney would have found a way to force him eventually into selling out his dignity the way Ozzy's wife made millions and transformed Ozzy's rock legacy into a mock in the tv show "The Osbournes".

I just watched also recently the documentary about a son and I was shocked at how accurately Cobain predicted the future when he said:

“it's sad to think what the state of rock n' roll will be 20 from now. It just seems that when rock n' roll is dead the whole world is going to explode. It's already so rehashed and so plagiarized that is barely alive now, you know, its disgusting. And the kids don't even care about rock n' roll as much as they used to, as the other generations have. It has already turn in nothing but a fashion statement and an identity for kids to use as a tool for them to f__k and have a social life... I think there will be sounds and tones and they'll use them in their virtual reality machine and just listen to it that way and get the same emotions from it.

(doesn't it sound very much like guitar hero?)