Monday, March 24, 2008

Elfen Lied, the best anime I have seen in years

There was a time when I was a hardcore fan of anime (otaku if you will), but then there was somehow some decadence in the quality of the shows on 2003 so I stopped watching for a while. Recently I have been trying to catch up with what I have missed since 2004 and that's when I came up with what is possibly the best anime I have ever seen... Elfen Leid!

The show has a perfect mix between really funny stuff and an extremely sad and tragic main plot. You just can't stop feeling sympathy for the main character, Lucy/Nyu, although she is a massive sanguinary killer. The soundtrack is amazing, is like right from the opening it's art, not just another forgetable tv show. They don't follow old tired formulas, they kill even people you thought where going to be important for the plot. The animation needless to say is outstanding, you will feel guilty of enjoying so much the massacres, but it's like watching Giger's art, it can be brutal at some points but it's still beautiful somehow.

The only flaw of the show is that it's too short, only 13 episodes long. I heard the manga is way longer and has an alternative set of events. I hope I can get to check it out soon.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Flight of the Conchords

Thanks to Michel I was lucky enough to watch the best new comedy TV series that have come out in the last few years, Flight of the Conchords. This show is about a couple of New Zeland geeks that have a really cool indie folk band and immigrate to the US to find how complicated it is not only to get gigs and make it big on the music industry, but also to date. The show includes in every episode an awesome musical related to plot that will make you laugh like never before (just watch the "bowie is in space" song or the "Robot song" with the binary solo and you'll know what I'm talking about).

The DVD with the whole 1st season is only 25 bucks so I couldn't let this masterpiece of comedy go by without including it to my collection. I'm surprised how underestimated this show has been, there is really not much info around on the internet, but the cool thing is that there is some kind of underground cult going around this show. I hope the second season of Flight of the Conchords gets released soon, I can hardly wait for more songs from these guys.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kenneth Anger

I was looking for movies that where like the work of Jodorowsky and I found this guy called Kenneth Anger. I have only seen his short film Scorpio Rising and it's really interesting how he exposed some of the hypocrisy of american 60's culture in his film and will definitely have an influence on the short film I'm working on (this thing is taking longer than Axl Rose's Chinese Democracy).

I would post a review on the film but this guy did a really amazing one already so I'll just link to his blog:
Only The Cinema: 10/15: Kenneth Anger shorts; September

I can't belive I had never heard from this guy before, he seems to be one of the main influences of one of my top 10 directors of all times, David Lynch. Next I'll try to find Anger's movie Lucifer Rising, and hopefully the very hard to find Jimmy Page soundtrack for this movie that was replaced at the last moment.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Worst Movie Endings Ever

Recently I watched 10,000 BC (I know, it sucks even from the trailer, but what else can somebody watch during these days?) and wanted to create a post about one of the most ridicule moments in a movie ever, which was an African guy using a bamboo armor, but since I couldn't get a screen cap of that moment I'll save the humiliation of that actor for another time and I'll talk about what I consider the 10 worst movie endings ever.

So here it is, I think most of the people will agree with me. I included only commercial movies and ignored all the indie and art movies. Sorry for including some movies which where bad from the start, but if I did is because the ending was lightyears worst than the rest. They include spoilers but belive me, I'm making you a favor if I spoil it for you.

1. Independence day
A computer virus is not even compatible between mac, windows or linux, but somehow it runs in a alien operative system, yeah, right.

2. Cloverfield
You spend 2 hours trying not to throw up only to never get an answer on the two more important issues in the flick, what was the monster and what happened to it? (they actually assumed somebody cared about the fate of those lame main characters)

3. Resident Evil 3 Apocalypse
Not only they where able to make a worst ending than the Resdient Evil 2 movie, they lied to everyone saying this was the conclusion to the trilogy by leaving everything open for more sequels.

4. 28 days later (all of them, original and alternative endings)
I used to worship Danny Boyle before this movie (with awesome movies like trainspotting, the beach and a life less ordinary), and I actually enjoyed all the movie before they finished with a happy walt disney ending where they lived happily ever after and the world was saved.

5. 10,000 BC
Ok, yes, it was all bad, no exceptions at any moment, not even the level of CGI I was expecting, but not only there was magical resurrection here, they ended up exactly where they started.

6. Alien Resurrection
They managed to ruin a perfect trilogy with a perfect ending in this fourth part that is the same mock that was "bride of chucky" to the original Child's Play. Ripley's clone and Winnona android make it back to earth, yeeey, how exciting.

7. Golden Compass
Not only they changed the sequence of events in a way that makes the plot of one of my favorite books absurd, they trimmed the ending so that it ends in a, "two hours for this crap?", ending.

8. Matrix Revolutions.
Do I need to say anything?

9. Eagle vs. Shark.
Ok, I lied, this is kind of an indie movie which I promise I wouldn't include in the top ten, but I had to get it out of my system. This movie was hilarious until they kill the plot with a mess that doesn't give a punchline.

10. Blade Runner Original Cut (happy ending)
After all the struggle, yey, turns out he was not an replicant, they scaped safely, and Rachel luckily was the only replicant who could live forever, not just for 4 years. I'm so thankful that they released a new Final Cut version without the chessyness and with the real ending which is amazing!

Ok feel free to trash my point of view, lol.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

To PSP or not to PSP

Recently I have been seriously considering getting a PSP. This would actually be my first sony console every, I have to admit I skipped the PS1 (went for the nintendo 64, which in the end turned out to be a bad choice) and the Ps2 (went for the xbox which turned out to be a great choice since I still use it every now and then), but the 3 important reasons of why I want one now are the following:

1) They are releasing the prequel of Final Fantasy VII exclusively on PSP (read here)
2) They are adding Skype support to the PSP soon (read here)
3) The PSP has a web browser and I foolishly thought the DS one would actually work

If this happens I think this will be the first time I have 4 current consoles ;) (entertainment orgy, hell yeah!!)

Still I think those 3 reasons have solutions:

1) I can wait until they remake that prequel in another system which, by the ratio at which Square Enix release remakes of their games will eventually happen soon.
2) I can still use Skype in the PC, I mean who am I going to call somewhere else in the world during the bus trip from home to school.
3) I could finally replace my ancient ipod mini for an iphone or itouch.

Anyway, just wanted to share those cool news about the PSP with everyone.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

That 90's Show

A few weeks ago I watched one of the funniest episodes of the Simpsons ever (which is something really unique after several years of lame seasons without good jokes). The episode was basically about how Homer had a grunge band in the 90's called Sadgasm and he was some kind of Kurt Cobain. The way they adapted nirvana's "rape me" into "shave me" and bush song "glycerin" into "margerine" was brilliant. They even had a Weird Al Yankovic parody video of Homer's "shave me". If you guys want to laugh I totally recommend you get this episode.

I tried to look in you tube some clips but for some reason they where all deleted, this is the only kind of decent one I could get where homer is all depressed in the couch in his mansion just about to commit suicide and watches Weird Al parody, I'm adding the lyrics of his songs too, they are hilarious.

Sadgasm Lyrics

Politically Incorrect:
Pain is Brown.
Hate is White.
Love is Black.
Stab the night.
Kingdom of Glum.
Closet of hurt.
Feelings are dumb.
Kisses are dirt.

Shave Me:
Razor blade of apathy,
Shave me with your irony.
Shave me! Shave me!

Weird Al Parody, Brain Freeze:
Raisin Bread with Apple Sauce,
Tony Danza he's the Boss,
Brain Freeze! Brain freeze!
Brain freeze! Brain freeze!

Spread yellow gunk on my pancake heart,
Country churned girl in my grocery cart.
I paid for her dreams, she taught me to cry,
Like watery knives, like rain from my eyes.
I can't believe you're not mine,
I can't believe you're not mine.
Margerine. Margerine. Margerine.