Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blind Melon: For My Friends

I was really surprised to hear that a new Blind Melon album was being released this month. I though that as usual the surviving members would try to exploit once more Shannon Hoon's geniality and release another live, greatest hits, or bsides and rare tracks compilation. Little did I realize that this time the guys tried to squeeze the juice out of Blind Melon way beyond their usual greediness.

The new album has a set of totally new songs with a new singer, some guy called Travis Warren, which although states in several interviews that wants to experiment new things, just sticks to trying to emulate Shannon's voice as close as possible. It is really painful to hear this album, it reminds you of how much the world lost with Shannon's dead and how tribute cover bands should be banned all over the world. I guess they where motivated by similar attempts from bands like Alice in Chains and Queen to try to come back with a new singer and exploiting fan's innocent devotion to their legendary names. But can't you understand that somethings should never come back cause they just ruin all the fun that the original real thing was?

The album is so bad that I couldn't even enjoy it if they had shown a little more sense and released this as a totally new band or some superband line up ala Velvet Revolver. I just hope I'm able to warn as many people as possible of doing the same mistake I did of giving them a shot. Legendary bands should be left in their god-like status for the posterity of the human race.