Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flight of the Conchords new album!

The 4th best folk duo from New Zeland, Flight of the Conchords, released this week a new album featuring some of the best tracks from season 1 of their tv show. Once again this is another great product from this genius comedian music duo that I totally recommend for everyone!

If you are a hardcore fan like me you'll enjoy the new album cause it features new re-recorded studio versions (and slightly different lyrics in some cases) of the songs we all love, and if you are not a fan then you'll have a really nice surprise while discovering these super funny master pieces.

The new production sounds great and I specially loved the way that "Bowie" (a fun tribute song about how life in space would be for David Bowie) and "Ladies of the World" (a gimmick at seductive music) sound, with some different audio effects for Jemaine's bowie style voice and different outro for both of them. Bowie's new outro was already shown in the credits of the TV episode where they featured the song and was heard in the acoustic live version but it sounds great now that they "stick them" together (it's a hilarious crazy outro that sounds like Bowie's "Let's dance"). I don't know if its just me, or they tuned down a little bit their Kiwi accents (specially "Brit", lol) and now all the songs lyrics sound at least to me more easy to understand.

The song "Robots" (a 60s sci-fi futuristic tale set in the year 2000 where robots rule the world), perhaps their most recognized hit, presents it's 5th version (2 radio versions, 1 live, and the tv show version being the 4th previous ones). I have to admit that I wasn't completely satisfied by this new version, probably because the radio and dvd version have already grown so strong inside my head that is hard to hear a different production with retro videogame synth keyboards, but it's totally forgivable. It is also forgivable that they didn't included a lot of other hits like "Frodo" and "Albi the racist dragon" and specially "Who likes to Rock the Party?", although in the case of the first one they probably would face some copyright infringements from using the lord of the rings characters and movie lines in the super funny song. Anyway this is a must have for everyone who likes to laugh. I can't wait for some new material (when is the second season coming?), hopefully our friend Michel will record some live video if new songs are featured in the upcoming San Francisco live show.