Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Subways

I'm not gonna say that this is life changing (like Novo Dahl ;) ) but this band is definitely one of the best rock acts I have heard in a while.

The best way to define this band is as the white stripes (when they played rock and not experimental xylophone sh*t) with a bassist and modern technology for production. Pretty good eh! :P

Butch Vig just discovered too this band and its producing the next album. For everybody that is trapped in the 90s like me (as some friends have suggested lately, lol) this is great news cause it means that we will probably get another amazing sound in the next album just like when we first heard those NIN, Smashing and Nirvana albums 15 years ago.

My favorite Subways album is "All Or Nothing", but "Young for Eternity" is good too (although you can notice the difference of sound between a true indie band and later a little more sold out band).