Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Concert Review Franz Ferdinand at Commodore in Vancouver

Great show to close the year. It was full of excitement from start with the opening band The Evaporators to the last chord of Franz Ferdinand's "this Fire".

The Evaporators shocked me of how good they are. Its by far the best local act I have ever seen in this city. I'm finally proud of Vancouver's rock scene for once. Their show is out of this world, picture a bunch of 40 year old crazy guys dressed up in weird Canadian Maple leaf logos and the lead singer wearing a super hero jumper suit playing some kind of punk-surfer cool funny rock songs while delivering an awesome raw power to the audience. The lead singer is insane, he did the most awesome crowd surfing ever and by the end everybody was so much into their concept that he made everyone kneel down (literary everyone in the venue) and jump several times during the outro of their last song. I really recommend watching them live if you have the chance.

Franz Ferdinand was great as expected. They played a good balance of hits and new songs from their upcoming 3rd album. The new songs showed a lot of potential, I can't wait to hear the studio versions soon. The only thing that sucked was part of the audience. Its becoming common in shows in Vancouver for people to show up that don't give a damn about the band and just want to get high and go wild on the mosh pit during the whole show even during the calm songs (quoting Thom Yorke from this summer's Radiohead concert at UBC Thunderbird stadium: "Calm down guys. This is not fucking Rage against the Machine"). There was several guys who where not even facing the stage half of the show just showing off with their buddies trying to prove they are not half as lame as they are, but what can you do. This world is full of losers :P

We were lucky enough to grab a copy of the track list and a guitar pic. Here are the songs they played last night:

- bite hard
- Michael
- matinee
- live alone
- walk away
- do you want to?
- take me out
- Ulysses
- 40’
- what she came for
- turn it on
- fallen
- outsiders
- this fire